When you decide to put your home on the market it usually brings on a wide range of emotions. Some of these emotions are excitement and anticipation about what the future holds.  Also, wondering “How Much Money Will We Net”?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the feeling sadness or even regret. That's because selling your house can feel like your selling part of your life. All of these emotional responses are normal!

In order to stick to your guns and to keep on the sunnier side of the selling process it's important to do five key things before you sell. Feeling prepared and in control of a situation is paramount in feeling good about your decision.

Here are the five pre-selling tips:

1.  Organize Paperwork: You most likely have papers regarding any home and appliance warranties. Prospective buyers are going to want to have these. Having them ready for viewing is a great selling point. You might also consider putting together a list of current contacts for pool maintenance, lawn care, and even repair work companies.

2.  Get an Inspection: Even almost new homes can have hidden damage. Most every buyer in today's market will be getting an inspection. Beat them to the punch and have your own inspection performed so that you are not surprised come negotiation time.

3.  Perform Repairs/Get Estimates: Having your own inspection gives you the time to identify problem areas and either repair them or get estimates to have ready for prospective buyers. They'll love how organized and up-front you are!

4.  Get Organized: Start packing as soon as you decide to list your home. Removing or packing away some of your personal belonging has two great benefits. First, it allows your home some breathing room to be staged and cleaned for showings (see #5). Buyers want to be able to see the house, not your stuff. Second, it starts the process of moving on. As you pack up your stuff you'll find that the house will feel less and less familiar, which can be great for letting go of attachment.

5.Stage: This means it's time to amp up your curb appeal for starters. Trim trees and shrubs and pick up any debris from your yard. Keep you lawn in showing ready state all year around. You should also consider staging outdoor areas with freshly potted flowers, comfy chairs, and even outdoor accessories, such as lanterns, throws, and dinnerware.

You may wonder what these very practical tasks have to do with emotions, but the truth is they are so inextricably linked! Our experiences dictate our emotions. So, take the time to prepare for the selling process. Dot all your i's and cross all your t's and then sit back and enjoy your journey into a new stage of life!